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Woodturning is a dangerous activity and presents risks for your heath and of physical injuries. I strongly suggest interested people to look for proper training and information about equipment, tools and security before starting on their own.

For those interested I offer practical PRE-BOOKED all-day classes in my workshop in Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil. International students are welcomed and immersion courses may be prepared if wanted. Lessons are individual and in English.

Classes are divided in 2 levels: Basic and Advanced. Students have to state their knowledge of woodturning to qualify for advanced classes.

- Basic Course:
Topics - Security Issues, Turning History, Workshop Preparation, Lathe and Accessories, Tools, Turning Principles and Finishes.
Projects - Chess Pawn, Small Bowl, Solitaire Vase, Candle Stick, Box with Lid.

- Advanced Course:
Topics - Security Issues, Timber Selection, Timbers, Deep Excavations, Texturizing and Staining.
Projects - Deep or Natural Edge Vases, Square or Natural Edge Bowls and Platters, Hollow Forms, off-centre turning.

The lathe available is a Record Power DML36SH equiped with SuperNova Chuck, and tools are Robert Sorby and Hamlet. Students should bring their own tools if possible. Accessories, finishes and timbers are provided.

Price: € 100.00 / US$ 140.00 a day .
Classes: Individual, up to 6 hours a day, in English.

Please, contact me for Bookings and related information, such as accomodation, maps and more.

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