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ABTM - Associação Brasileira de Torneiros em Madeira SAW - Surrey Association of Woodturners

Selo Feito na Serra Carioca


My background in Product Design has a great influence over my work. My preference is for modern shapes, simple and functional.

The search for new, unconventional forms, comes from my teacher, Paul Nesbitt, who would make me try new techniques and finishes. Through 14 months of weekly lessons he opened my eyes and made me interact with the timber and other woodturners. He was the one who presented me to the SAW - Surrey Association of Woodturners (England), where he was Chairman and had been Member of the Committee.

After a fantastic workshop on a SAW Meeting with Colin Simpson, then editor of Woodturning Magazine, I decided to have a go on stained objects. Colin is well known in the United Kingdom for his work, on sale at National Trust shops.

Texturized and decorated works were also influenced by other artists, such as Peter Archer (UK) and Sharon Doughtie (USA). Both have wonderful pieces made with astonishing techniques.

Ron Kent (USA) inspired me to try thin-walled, translucent objects. His unique method of timber preparation allowed me to reach widths not achieved before.

After a great week exchanging information with the Brazilian turner Sandra Greuel, in 2010, I produced a collection of Christmas figures. It started with a pair of Santa figures called Joulopukkis. Every year new figures will be added to the collection.

Thomaz Brasil

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