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ABTM - Associação Brasileira de Torneiros em Madeira SAW - Surrey Association of Woodturners

Selo Feito na Serra Carioca

Wood that Turns!

Woodturning is much more than just table legs and spinwheels. Each turned object is unique. It's final shape may be similar to others from the same series but there's no way to reproduce the same grain or fiber patterns in two objects, even if they are from the same tree. They will be different.

The turner can make the wood spin, cut it here and there, sand it, texturize or stain it. He may use his knowledge, his technique, express his feelings and his art. He may have his ideas of shape and use for it but, in the end, it's the wood that will determine it's final form.

And it will always surpise us with something not seen before.


- Thomaz Brasil supports the Feito na Serra Carioca Stamp! A Certificate of Origin for products from Rio de Janeiro promoted by SEBRAE-RJ

- SEBRAE RJ publishes the Rio de Janeiro Crafts Catalogue - Cultural Landscapes, featuring Thomaz Brasil!

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